Trust - Talent Platform

Swaraarnavam – Arena for Musical Talents

The Nadhadweepam Trust, with a dream to nurture the young talents, has instituted a brand for musical competition “Swaraarnavam” from year 2011 in which musical learners, between ages 10 to 25, participate to showcase their talents. The competition is conducted at three different levels – Sub-junior, Junior and Senior. The selection of winners at senior level is done by panel of 9 Judges which is a first of its kind in a music competition.  The Trust gives an opportunity to perform for the Winners at senior level during its Anniversary celebrations each year.

Platform for Young talents

Nadhadweepam Trust is actively involved in giving a platform opportunity to Youngsters in the field of Carnatic Music all over the World since its inception. It makes deliberate effort in identifying the right talents who are in seeking a lifting ladder to exhibit their potentials. The steps taken so far with respect to this objective are:

  • Arranging the Arangetram of 10 students of the Nadhadweepam Sangeetha Gurukulam. (So far, the Gurukulam has upstaged around 15 students)
  • Providing a slot in each day during its Annual Music Festival for Youngsters in and around India such as Maharajapuram Sri S. Ganesh Viswanathan, Sri Swarna Rethas, Sri Sunil Gargyan and others.
  • Organising the Performance of students of ‘Sustaining Sampradaya’ from North America and budding artists such as Pallavi Sriram, Siddharth Sriram, Archit Baskaran, Abhinav Seetharaman, Sahana Vasudevan, Hariharan Ravi, Kamalakiran Vinjamuri, Sriranjani Darbha and others.